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Week 13: Jump Start Your Journey

Yes, you’ve passed the mid-point of your 21-week journey…how’s it going?

Let’s face it, any undertaking, mission, trek, etc. that lasts 21 weeks probably needs a mid-way pit-stop that allows you to recharge, renew, and refocus. Make Week 13 that week for you.  And to help, ChangeRx is providing some of our favorite “jump start your journey” tips relating to the four core principles: (yeah, you know them by now) Nutrition, Conditioning, Restoration, and Accountability.

1. Review (and Renew) your Wellness Goals!

“Let it be written; let it be known.”  Remember those goals you established at the start of the program? They are why you started this challenge, and they serve as an important part of evaluating your success. If you’re using your company's branded ChangeRx Workbook, open it up and read the goals you may have written down. Go ahead and read them out loud. If you’ve fallen off track, doing so will most likely help you refocus, and may even inspire you to keep it going. If your goals have changed a bit, establish these new goals with purpose by recording them.

2. Do a “Spring Cleaning” of your Pantry.

aka:  Gut out the junk!  It’s nice that Week 13 coincides with spring and warmer air. For many of us, it’s a time to clean out the old and bring in the new…and your pantry, food cupboards, and refrigerator are a good place to start.  If you’ve got “bad-for-you” stuff in the house, you’re more likely to resort to it when you’re feeling vulnerable.  You know what we’re talking about: the quick-grab bags and boxes of processed foods that are so tempting to eat when you’re hungry and low on time (e.g., chips, pretzels, cookies, etc.).  Do yourself a favor: grab a large garbage bag, go through the places you store food, and trash that stuff.   We know it may be “hard to say Goodbye,” but in the long run, it will be worth it to your health and your waistline.

3. Stock up on the Good Stuff.

It’s just as easy (and inexpensive) to buy as the bad stuff…really.  Along the same lines, replace the bad with the good. If you don’t have good foods easily available to you, you’ll be more likely to resort to those bad foods when you’re vulnerable.  Sample items on your weekly grocery list could include:  Proteins such as Greek yogurt, eggs, tofu, chicken, lean beef, tuna, salmon and cod, starches/grains such as ample varieties of potatoes, beans, quinoa, rice and oats, fruits (apples, oranges, bananas, berries), vegetables (broccoli, spinach, kale, carrots and celery), and fats such as almonds, walnuts, olive oil, and butter.

4. Remember, H2O is your Friend.

And it’s free!! Hydration plays an important role in overall Restoration.  And many of us who start out strong at the beginning of the challenge by getting enough water each day, let our diligence slip as the weeks pass.  So make sure you have your water with you at all times: in the car, at your desk, in front of the TV, and at the gym.  Aim for six to eight 8 oz. glasses of water each day as a simple rule (but don’t be shy to go beyond these numbers, especially when you are training, and or the heat index is high).

Get yourself a couple of canteens specifically for work and for your travels.  The more you are prepared, the better you’ll stick to your water goals (and the fact that with those canteens you alone will save the fate, and the environment, of a few hundred plastic water bottles). And consider soaking in a few lemons, limes, or oranges, as well as a pinch of salt, to increase the nutrient value of your water and add those important electrolytes.

5. Record your Mid-Point Biometric Data.

You gotta know your numbers!  Again if you’re using your company's branded ChangeRx Workbook, find a space to record your Mid-Point Data including weight, BMI (you can easily calculate this), and Body Fat Percentage (if you have access to collecting this data).  Record your weight this week, determine your Mid-Point BMI, and if you have access to a professional trainer, coach, or health care worker, have that person determine your body fat percentage and record it.   Understanding and monitoring your biometrics throughout your journey is a great way to stay focused on your ultimate goal.

6. Reassess your Logging Efforts.

aka:  Be HONEST with yourself and with your log.  You’ve been logging your nutrition as part of the requirement for your company’s program…great!  But how accurate have you been with assessing your ChangeRx-approved versus ChangeRx-disapproved ratings?  Are you asking yourself questions about each meal?  For example: “Did I truly eat a lean protein or did I eat a processed, unfavorable ingredient loaded version?”  and “Were my portion sizes correct?”  If weight loss is your goal in this challenge, but your weight is not dropping as rapidly as you had hoped, try paying closer attention to how you log your meals.  And if you’ve primarily been using the Weekly Summary Logs, try using the more detailed Daily Nutrition Log for at least one week.  Many health and nutrition studies, not to mention our own experience, have proven that writing down what you eat leads to more weight loss success.

7. Re-establish your “Food Prep Day.”

PREPARE!  PREPARE! PREPARE!  It’s no secret, eating correctly is tough!  First and foremost, we have to say adios to the stuff we’ve come so accustomed to…the cookies, chips, fried foods, gravy, etc. (See Tip 2.)  And it seems like we’re surrounded by temptation everywhere we go.  At work, someone brings in cake for a co-worker’s birthday, or orders pizza for the project team…not to mention, that convenient vending machine is constantly lurking.  If you haven’t been diligent about your food prep day — start now!  You have to strongly consider choosing one day (or days) of the week to shop, prep, and package your own food in a healthy way for the week.  Then you are more likely to bring good food with you to work — making it your “convenient” food — and making the bad food not as tempting.

8. Secure your “Fitness Territory.”

aka: Fight for your right…to exercise!  While having a membership to a reputable club, gym or studio can provide a great place to exercise, it is also imperative that you designate a spot in your house where you can perform your training routine.  Yes this may take time, energy, discipline, and not to mention a bit of a battle with the rest of your household, but marking your territory will help you stay on schedule.

Week 13 Pep Talk

You’re more than halfway through the program, but just getting started on the rest of your life!!  Be the active Athlete who takes care of your one and only body with a new-found respect.

Train strategic, safe and sustainably, live a recreational lifestyle beyond your daily exercise plan, fuel your body with natural, non-processed foods (your food actions alone can take strain off the environment that processed packaged foods cause…nothing wrong with a little tree hugging here and there 😊), and rest a little more (we’re really not all that super fly).

Week 13 Quiz:

1) Today's Corporate Athlete: a) trains strategic, safe and sustainably b) works harder and sleeps less c) fuels their body with natural, non-processed foods d) both a & c

2) If you’ve got “bad-for-you” food in the house, you should: a) hide it b) trash it c) take it to work so you can have it there d) none of the above

3) Samples of ideal proteins for your weekly grocery list could include: a) Chicken, tofu, tuna, salmon, cod b) Chicken, Meatloaf, Salmon, Breaded Cod c) Tuna Salad, Greek yogurt, rice and cod d) none of the above

4) If weight loss is your goal in this challenge, but it's not dropping as rapidly as you had hoped: a) consider not eating dinner a few nights each week b) weight train more often and longer c) pay closer attention to how you log your meals d) none of the above

Once you've taken the quiz, click here to see how you did.


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