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 BLOCK BASE Training

single block with dumbbell block

What is BLOCK BASE Training?

ALLTRAIN and their BLOCK BASE Training Program provide a detailed, varying schedule of training that includes mobility, strength, power, aerobic, and anaerobic conditioning, recreation and scheduled rest days. 

A BLOCK denotes a period of time where a participant follows a program with a specific focus in mind, with volume generally increasing within that BLOCK period from week to week.  Once that period is complete, another varying program is delivered, building upon the previous BLOCK, but also introducing a new area of focus.  Over time, the participant builds a solid foundation (made of building BLOCKS if you will), which results in a more well-abled body (i.e., BASE).


Essentially, the BLOCK BASE Training program aims to build bodies to a point where they are firing at 70-80% of all cylinders, year-round.  In other words, the body is well prepared to participate in the sport of everyday life, with the ability to attack the many physical demands of everyday life with resiliency and injury resistance. 


It is very important to note:  If a participant then has a "bucket list" of physical feats, or physique endeavors (such as a 10k run, a 50 mile bike ride, a maximal lift, or possibly a "ripped" physique for the upcoming summer beach vacation), the BASE from year round adherence has been built.  This established BASE now affords the participant to move much more safely towards these "bucket list" objectives, knowing they have the "BASE in Place" (note the rhythm and the rhyme ☺)

As part of your company challenge, each week ChangeRx provides you access to this comprehensive and dynamic training program that eliminates the guess work and the mass amounts of conflicting information that exists in today's fitness industry. 

Click the button on this page to view your current phase of our BLOCK BASE Training Program.  Then click on each movement to view the corresponding video. 


When our participants adhere consistently, our BLOCK BASE Training program leads to strong, functional, conditioned, and powerful individuals that often leads to increased confidence and cognitive function...and they have fun doing so!!! 

Current BLOCK

Kettlebell Workout
Man Doing Pushup
Push Ups
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