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What is BLOCK Training?

ALLTRAIN LLC and their BLOCK Training Program provides a detailed, varying schedule of training that may include strength, power, energy system development, functional movement, active recovery, and scheduled rest days. 

BLOCK denotes a period of time where a participant follows a program with a specific training stimulus in mind, with volume "generally" increasing within that BLOCK period.  Once that period is complete, another varying program is delivered, building upon the previous BLOCK, but also introducing a new training stimulus.  Over time, the participant builds a solid training foundation (made of BLOCKS if you will), which results in a more well-abled body.

As part of your company challenge, each week ChangeRx provides you access to our comprehensive and dynamic program that eliminates the guess work and the mass amounts of conflicting information that exists in today's fitness industry. 

Click the button on this page to view your current phase of our BLOCK Training Program.  Use the link just below this button to access the ALLTRAIN LLC Movement Library, which provides videos of all movements programmed for you.


When our participants adhere consistently, our BLOCK Training Program leads to strong, functional, conditioned, powerful, and confident individuals...and they have fun doing so!!! 


So click away!!  

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