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Why the ChangeRx Solution Works

Companies face the challenge of offering wellness programs fraught with costs, risks, & failures

Corporate Wellness is a huge industry.  But similar to certain sectors of the fitness industry, it’s saturated with mis-truths, misdirection, and misunderstanding.  Most employers are led to believe that the way to measure a successful wellness program is to quantify results and then reward employees based on those results.

Many of these employers are convinced to take this a step further and tie an employee’s biometric results directly to their health care contributions. Seems logical, however, these “results based” programs that offer rewards or enact penalties based on specific biometric parameters such as BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. present multiple problems,



  • Biometric screening and processing is very expensive.

  • Biometric screening can leave the employee feeling that his/her privacy has been invaded.

  • Biometric screening presents costly logistical issues such as collecting data at multiple locations or from employees in the field.

  • Biometric screening presents P.H.I./Hippa issues that often require costly 3rd party intervention…yikes!

  • Employees will often challenge biometric results (and will most often win); again, a 3rd party needs to be retained for these appeals.

  • Long-term, healthy behavior is rarely the result when employees feel pressured to meet the biometric requirements of the “results based” programs.

  • Injuries (from overuse and misguided attempts) are often the result when employees rush to meet the biometric requirements of the “results based” programs.

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So what should employers do to promote wellness?

It’s clear that tying an employee’s biometric results directly to their health care contributions have multiple levels of risk, not to mention  costs. So what are employers supposed to do?

Should employers: 

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Boot Camp
  • Set up a weight loss challenge (the Biggest Loser)?


Risk: There’s always a chance that some employees will go to extreme measures to win (eg., crash diets that can have negative health implications).

  • Reward employees by simply completing your insurance company’s on-line health risk assessments?


Risk: You now have a “general” synopsis of your group’s current health status, assuming they were all honest, but still no improvement in health.


  • Purchase memberships to the local health club?  


Risk: You’ll essentially target those who were active already, with very little penetration into the poor health population that truly needs to change.

  • Build out an on-site gym for employees to use during work, before or after work, or on breaks?  


Risk: Again, without extensive education, will serve those who were active already, with very little penetration into the poor health population.

  • Reward employees for the number of steps they’ve taken or the number of calories they’ve burned in a day?  


Risk: Individuals will cut corners to qualify for rewards, and many will be driven to overuse injuries.


  • Have your “fittest” employee lead the employees in on-site “boot” camps?


Risk: Be prepared to deal with exercise-induced injuries as a “fit” employee does not equal a “qualified coach.”

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The ChangeRx solution provides the answer. 

ChangeRx is a corporate wellness program that educates its participants in the core principles of Nutrition, Conditioning, Restoration, and Accountability.  Our participants have access to our Knowledge-Metrics platform and other online wellness resources that help them incorporate wellness into everyday life.  

Why does it work? 


  • Our Education inspires employees: When employees and their families educate themselves as to not only what to do and how to do, but more importantly why they should do it, wellness begins to make sense.

  • We make wellness education “stick:” The aim with our approach is that eventually wellness will “get sticky.”  For one employee, maybe a topic hits so close to home that it’s hard to ignore any longer.  For another, he/she may see fellow workers with visible positive changes and this becomes a motivator.  For yet another employee, a topic could touch upon a family member who says, “Enough is enough, we have to change as a family!”


  • We promote positive change for the long-term:  It takes time to change a culture. But over time your company culture, through becoming thoroughly educated week after week, will begin to get on board and will change for the long term.  You’ll have happier, healthier, more loyal employees because you created a non-invasive environment for them to learn, while rewarding them for participating along the way.


  • Employees get feedback:  Each week, the registered participant not only learns, but they are able to test their knowledge through our online quizzes.  These quizzes are a terrific source of motivation and encouragement.


  • ChangeRx is easy to implement: ChangeRx requires no downloadable software or maintenance. The set up time from a company and/or help from their IT is minimal.


  • ChangeRx goes where your employees go: All of your employees can take advantage of the ChangeRx program. Whether your employees are all on a centralized site, are located in multiple field offices, or are traveling employees, they can access ChangeRx from anywhere.


  • Knowledge-Metrics beats out bio-metrics!  When you implement ChangeRx for your employees you will see positive change!  Sure, you won’t know how much weight they lost or they gained, or how many reps they did at the gym, or how many steps they took with the pedometer.  But your employees will want to change for themselves, and will be armed with the knowledge to do so for the long-term.


  • We provide wellness without the RI$K: With no requirements for bio-metric screening, third party administration, and protest mediation, implementing the ChangeRx program for your employees does not require pricey or risky expenditures.

ChangeRx is a risk-free wellness solution.

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