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Education Elicits Change
Engaged Employees, Empowered Employees, Entrusted Employers...

Everyone Wins

At the core of our wellness program is EDUCATION

Our programs  promote accountability 

Employers appreciate the benefits of engaged and healthy employees  

Educated employees understand the importance of restoration 

Educated Employees understand proper and sustainable training strategies

Through wellness education, employees learn to develop healthy and humble nutrition habits

When employees educate themselves, they make healthier choices for their families 

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""Wellbeing is built upon a foundation of Education, Purpose, and Humility." 

Albert G. Eiler,
Founder, ChangeRx

About ChangeRx

We're Your Online Wellness (& Tough Love) Coach

ChangeRx delivers penetrating and at times, hard hitting insight into what we consider to be the four core principles of wellness: Nutrition, Conditioning, Restoration, and Accountability.  And we believe that at the heart of these principles lies Purpose and Humility.

Our motivation behind this comprehensive approach to education is to produce leaner, healthier, happier, and higher-performing individuals for the long term.

For nearly 15 years, our premier coaches have helped thousands achieve desired results by providing strategic, safe, and sustainable strategies in the areas of Nutrition, Conditioning, Restoration, and Accountability.

Our solution is in part a reaction to what's been happening in the wellness industry.  We've seen countless individuals and companies whose approaches to wellness fall short because of misinformation, false promises, and misguided rewards programs.

Other Solutions

When Bad Wellness Programs Happen to Good Companies

Like so many individuals who have been misled by the "quick-fix-crazed" fitness industry, managers of companies large and small, have been convinced to pay top dollar for what they're told will be surefire fixes to wellness. Their attempts at combatting the rising costs of healthcare by implementing biometrics-based and results-based wellness programs generally do not reduce costs, do not impact the unhealthy employee base that is truly in dire need, and in some cases create a culture of resentful employees.


Our Solution

We're Your Proven, Risk-Free Wellness Solution


The ChangeRx solution is effective, easy to administer, and empowering. We've removed the cumbersome, invasive, and challenged-induced biometrics HR nightmare, and replaced it with educational and empowering Knowledge-Metrics. By educating the employee in our core wellness principles, wellness begins to make sense and becomes attainable without risk or resentment. Through our Knowledge-Metrics program, employees learn wellness strategies at their own pace, are quizzed on what they've learned, and have access to valuable resources such as meal plans, recipes, workouts, and more. 


Core Principles

 We're founded on four principles of wellness



ChangeRx Charity Gardens

 Our "Purpose:" to assist charities who assist those in need



"Purpose" has been mentioned throughout our site, and at ChangeRx we in fact have our own Purpose.


Not only are we driven to educate our participants through safe and sustainable strategies, we are also driven to assist charities that assist those in need.


Through our large gardens, with a strong lending hand from Mother Nature, ChangeRx gives back to a charitable organization each year.  


We have multiple raised beds at our corporate location in Gibsonia, PA, as well as at our secret farm retreat, where we grow various fruits and vegetables throughout the spring, summer, and fall growing seasons.  Our produce is then sold locally, with the proceeds benefitting various charities each year.  And in fact, in many instances fresh, nutrient rich produce is sent to certain charities that house those in need.

Albert G Eiler, founder of ChangeRx, is our lead farmer/gardener, and recruits the help of our coaches, area farmers, and local youth groups to help with plantings, maintenance and harvests.

Basket of Organic Vegetables

Contact us with general comments or if you're interested in learning how ChangeRx can help promote the life of your company.   

We'd love to hear from you!

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