Weekly Nutrition and Exercise Summary Log


AccountabilityOur experience with thousands of individuals participating in our wellness programs has proven that logging how well you eat and how often you exercise improves your chances for success.

There are plenty of logging apps available online and on smart devices…and if the techy tools are your thing, then use them!  But if you’d prefer a “hands-on” method, we’re providing our Weekly Nutrition and Exercise Summary Log.   This log is an optional, printable log that you can complete after each meal and workout or at the end of each day.



On the Nutrition section of the Weekly Summary Log, you will evaluate each meal you consume and give that meal an “arrow rating” as follows:

Write in an up arrowup-arrow40for a FAVORABLE meal: All favorable (healthy) foods consumed in the proper quantities

Write in a side arrow side-arrow40for a BORDERLINE meal: Mostly favorable foods consumed (but some unfavorable foods consumed)

Write in a down arrow down-arrow40for an UNFAVORABLE meal: Mostly unfavorable foods consumed and/or in unhealthy quantities

If you skip a meal, leave the box blank for that meal.   And don’t forget to indicate how many 8-oz glasses of water you consumed.

For the Exercise box of the Weekly Summary Log, simply answer Yes or No.


Click Here for a printable version of this page.