An EXAMPLE of a Week of Healthy Eating

A Week of Healthy Eating

What starts out as “Stellar” nutrition at the beginning of the week, can quickly turn to “So-So” or worse “No-No” nutrition by the end of the week. 

Why?  Usually because of the lack of meal planning and preparation!!  Many of us can easily let our over-scheduled lives force the acts of meal planning and preparation to the back-burner.  We start the week with focus and determination, only to allow hectic schedules and ill preparedness to cause us to lose our conviction.  Without planning, we can easily be trapped into the quick-grab, quick-prep, or even the “drive-thru” options by mid- to late-week.   In other words, processed foods win out over clean foods…and our performance, our health, and usually our waistlines, pay the price.

Create a Week of Healthy Eating

To create our example week, we’ve referenced the Food Exchange Charts to fill in choices for each food category (protein, starch, etc). For portions, we’ve kept it simple, using measurements such as palm size, handful size, and teaspoons and ounces as shown.



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Tips for Creating Your Own Week of Healthy Eating


  • Keep your breakfasts and snacks simple; notice we repeat them often throughout the week in our example.
  • Blend snacks into your main meals, if snacking is not your thing.
  • Where possible, stick to fresh rather than canned fruits and vegetables.
  • If you’re a coffee drinker, remember not to add unnecessary calories by pouring extra creamers and sugars into your cup.
  • Avoid drinking sugary (or even diet) drinks as well as other carbonated drinks – water with lemon is the perfect quencher – try it and you’ll be hooked.
  • When you feel hungry outside of the meal and snack times – reach for your cut up broccoli and celery, and have a glass of water too.

Plan for a “Celebration Meal” on Sunday

For many of us, Sundays provide a time when we get together for a big meal with family.  These special occasions are a wonderful part of life and should be celebrated.   But we will all feel better about enjoying that one delicious, larger-than-normal, extra-calorie-packed meal if the week leading up to it has been one of clean and healthy eating.    Remember, not every occasion is a “special occasion.”  Earn the right to indulge by adhering to a “fish it, grow it, butcher it” lifestyle.