Our Solution: ChangeRx

Inserted-Blank-Space-for-WebpageSWIF ATHLETICS developed ChangeRx to combat our over 20 years of seeing individuals fail with lures of quick-fix industry promises as well as watching employers try to combat the ever growing costs of healthcare by implementing unsuccessful wellness programs.

Inserted-Blank-Space-for-WebpageWhat is ChangeRx?

Inserted-Blank-Space-for-WebpageChangeRx is a wellness program that educates its participants in SWIF ATHLETICS’ core principles of Nutrition, Conditioning, Restoration, and Accountability.  Participants login to access weekly Wellness Units that provide easy-to-understand yet in-depth information on how to incorporate wellness into everyday life.  Through the online course, employees engage in the material and are tested on their wellness knowledge with weekly quizzes.  ChangeRx also provides valuable resources such as meal plans, recipes, workouts and more.

Inserted-Blank-Space-for-WebpageWhat Makes ChangeRx Successful?


  • Happy Employees and Families

    When employees educate themselves, wellness begins to make sense.

    Our Education inspires employees When employees and their families educate themselves as to not only what to do and how to do, but more importantly why they should do it, wellness begins to make sense.

  • We make wellness education “stick” The aim with our approach is that eventually wellness will “get sticky.”  For one employee, maybe a topic hits so close to home that it’s hard to ignore any longer.  For another, he/she may see fellow workers with visible positive changes and this becomes a motivator.  For yet another employee, a topic could touch upon a family member who says, “Enough is enough, we have to change as a family!”
  • We promote positive change for the long-term  It takes time to change a culture. But over time your company culture, through becoming thoroughly educated week after week, will begin to get on board and will change for the long term.  You’ll have happier, healthier, more loyal employees because you created a non-invasive environment for them to learn, while rewarding them for participating along the way.
  • Our wellness education is engaging, flexible, and fun!  Each week, employees log in at whatever time of the day works for them and are presented with realistic and engaging “lessons” in SWIF ATHLETICS’ four principles: Nutrition, Conditioning, Restoration and Accountability.   ChangeRx is targeted at the busy working individual/parent who doesn’t always have time to make diet and exercise their only priorities.
  • ChangeRx is loaded with resources Those employees registered with the program have access to online meal plans, recipes, workouts, food exchange information and more.
    TCA anywhere

    We provide wellness without the RI$K

  • Employees get feedback  Each week, the registered participant not only learns, but they are able to test their knowledge through our online quizzes.  These quizzes are a terrific source of motivation and encouragement.
  • ChangeRx is easy to implement ChangeRx requires no downloadable software or maintenance. The set up time from a company and/or help from their IT is minimal. An email address and password are all employees need to get started.
  • ChangeRx goes where your employees go All of your employees can take advantage of the ChangeRx program. Whether your employees are all on a centralized site, are located in multiple field offices, or are traveling employees, they can access ChangeRx from anywhere
  • Education beats out biometrics!  When you implement ChangeRx for your employees you will see positive change!  Sure, you won’t know how much weight they lost or they gained, or how many reps they did at the gym, or how many steps they took with the pedometer.  But your employees will want to change for themselves, and for the long-term.
  • We provide wellness without the RI$K Implementing the ChangeRx program for your employees does not require pricey or risky expenditures, with no requirements for biometric screening, gym equipment, etc.

ChangeRx is a risk-free wellness solution.


How Can ChangeRx Work for Your Company?


Your employees

With ChangeRx, you’re rewarding your employees on “knowledge metrics” rather than on “biometrics.”

We recognize that every company is different, with different corporate cultures and various levels of available resources.  As an employer, you can choose to make ChangeRx your sole wellness offering or you can provide it in conjunction with other wellness initiatives (building out a small wellness café, providing complimentary fruit, “Go Green” salad days, etc.)

If you choose to, SWIF ATHLETICS can provide you with periodic and final “Report Cards” showing who has participated weekly and how well they’ve done on their quizzes.  You can decide to use the results of the “participation based” program to reward the participants or as part of other initiatives to determine health care contributions. But in the case of ChangeRx, you’re rewarding your employees on  “knowledge metrics” rather than on “biometrics.”

In either case, we suggest you compliment our educational program with rewarding your employees for getting a yearly physical. This initiative could be a “game changer,” or literally a “life changer” as in some cases it could uncover a “ticking time bomb!” A yearly physical is often overlooked, yet the results these physicals provide, in addition to education, may be the catalysts that lights the desire flame for change.

If numbers are still what you desire after discussing our solution, then reward your employees for participating in annual bio-metric testing, and you’ll receive a synopsis of your group’s health. Just be wary of the temptations of tying these numbers into health care contributions.