Daily Nutrition Log

Sometimes, keeping track of each meal each day can help you stay on a healthy track.  To that end, we’re providing Daily Nutrition logs that you can print and use to record what you eat.

There are two options for logging your nutrition on a daily basis:

  • The “Plan It Out with Pencil/Eraser” Logging Method: In advance of each week (or each day), write out (in pencil) what you plan to eat for the week (or day) on the Daily Log. Then at the end of each day, if you’ve deviated from your plan, erase what you wrote as your planned meal and write in (maybe in pen) what you actually ate.   The goal is for that eraser to NOT see much action!


  • The “Simply Record What You Ate” Logging Method: Do not write out each meal plan in advance…rather, write down what you’ve eaten after each meal or at the end of the day. You’ll be amazed at how logging the food you consume will help you stay on track.

Daily-Nutrition-Log-Mon-WedClick Here to view a printable version of the Monday – Wednesday log




Click Here to view a printable version of the Thursday – Sunday log